agChicago Ridge Athletic Association's T-Ball program is for children aged 4-6.  In T-Ball our primary focus is teaching young kids the basics of baseball and softball, and keeping them interested in the game.  This age group is the future of the sport, and we aim to teach them a love of the game.  We follow a newer approach when it comes to T-ball.  We generally try to keep teams at of limit of less than 9 players with a real goal of 7 players per team. T-ball games only play 3 innings and use a combination of coach pitch and actual tee use.  We do all of these things to keep everyone interested and involved in the game.  With the smaller roster the players move through the lineup faster and it keeps the defensive players engaged for just the right amount of time.  At this age group, longer innings tend to lose the kids interest.  Our T-ballers typically play 1-2 games per week at our home fields on 107th and Menard., and have 1 practice a week.  T-Ballers also have free indoor clinics that start in April.

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